Tuft & Needle Helps Everyday Heroes Get the Sleep They Deserve

Tuft & Needle believes everyone deserves a great night’s sleep—and the direct-to-consumer mattress brand has made giving back a priority since day one, doing everything from supporting school fundraisers to donating mattresses to firehouses. So it was a natural evolution for Tuft & Needle to offer exclusive discounts to everyday heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic.

After launching with a 15% discount for the military, Tuft & Needle expanded their efforts to include first responders and healthcare workers. With the help of SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform, which verifies customers’ eligibility for the offers, Tuft & Needle is creating truly personalized campaigns, drawing in new customers, and living up to its mission of helping us all sleep a little better at night.

The Offer

Real heroes deserve real savings.

We’re proud to offer a 15%* discount to those listed below. It’s our way of saying thanks.

launched personalized campaigns to specific consumer communities pointed to a custom landing page that generated a


“Our industry is flooded with marketing and sales tactics that can overwhelm shoppers. Honoring first responders is a mission-driven approach that helps us rise above the noise.”

Melanie LaDue | Gives Back Lead

Pro Tip

Promote your offer to all your customers by linking to a dedicated landing page from your website footer or shopping cart.

Blog / Our Veterans Day Sale: Celebrating some of our heroes.

Our Veterans Day Sale: Celebrating some of our heroes.

Pro Tip

Build buzz by promoting your offer on holidays that celebrate your consumer communities.

“Identity marketing provides an opportunity for personalization to individuals who have purchased from us, maybe giving them additional discounts for coming back and buying a second product, or even just giving them relevant content to who they are and what they care about.”

Torrie Belknap | VP of Marketing

Pro Tip

Deepen ties with your consumer communities through corporate giving programs. Tuft & Needle regularly donates mattresses to firehouses and other communities in need.

Social Media

“Digital verification reassures recipients that the offer is truly just for them, which builds trust in our brand and has a real impact on revenue. In our first month using digital verification, we had more military members redeem the offer than the entire previous year.”

Brooke Figlo | Head of Public Relations


Military | First Responders | Healthcare Workers


15% Discount


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