The Sisters of Rothy’s Open a Stairway to Heaven

Rothy’s customers are so devoted to the brand they’ve been called a “sisterhood.” So when the company’s social media fan groups suggested it respond to the pandemic by helping healthcare workers, Rothy’s launched a program giving medical workers a one-time discount of 50% followed by a 20% discount customers could use up to four times.

Rothy’s had already been running a successful identity marketing campaign giving teachers a 20% discount, and these new programs were just as effective. By expanding its strategy to include first responders and medical workers, the company brought in troves of new customers and grew the revenue its identity marketing program generated by 60%.

The Offer

An Evergreen 20% Discount for Teachers, and a One-Time 50% Discount Followed by a 20% Discount (On Four Purchases per Year) for First Responders and Medical Workers.

Learn from Rothy’s Success

Rothy’s is known for its sustainable shoes and accessories, fierce customer loyalty, and commitment to sustainability. When the pandemic hit, the company asked its customers how it could help, and the resounding response was to support medical workers on the front lines. The company donated 100,000 non-medical masks to frontline medical workers in need of PPE, then went even further by giving them an exclusive personalized offer. The new campaigns drove revenue gains, expanded Rothy’s customer base, and increased brand loyalty.


Finding Your Consumer Communities

Hear Matt Gehring, Rothy’s SVP of Growth, share tips for discovering, reaching, and keeping your brands most loyal customers.

Our identity marketing programs generate momentum for Rothy’s. We’ve seen a huge boost from our new program.

Matt Gehring | SVP of Growth

Pro Tips

Gather ideas from current customers on how to reach new ones.

Try expanding your audience by creating an offer for a new consumer tribe.

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