Rewards Our Heroes and Produces 58% Growth

Purple’s discount for the military plodded along until the company replaced its manual verification process with an identity marketing platform. Digitally verifying military members saved the company 49 hours each month and gave it the confidence to promote the offer broadly. The new program increased conversions by 6x and generated a 25:1 ROAS.

The offer was so successful Purple extended it to first responders, teachers, college students, and healthcare professionals. Launching all these programs has paid off. In just eight weeks, they saw a 58% growth in their identity marketing program from H1 of the previous year, and together they generated 10-15% of Purple’s total online revenue.

Military members who proudly serve or country as active-duty, veterans, reservists, and retired soldiers.

First responders who keep our communities safe and help us sleep soundly at night.

Nurses, doctors, and medical workers who support our public health.

Truck drivers who ensure essential companies stay stocked with supplies and products.

Teachers who educate our youth, and students who work hard to achieve their goals.

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In a market with more than 200 competitors, Purple needed a way to rise above the noise. The company enhanced its military discount by using SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform to implement it, and the new program increased conversions by 6x and generated a 25:1 ROAS. The success inspired the company to launch similar offers for teachers, medical workers, and other groups. Adding these new campaigns helped Purple’s identity marketing program generate 58% of its previous year’s revenue in just eight weeks.

Our program is helping Purple stand out in our highly competitive space. The success has been phenomenal.

Alisa Gammon | Social Advertising Director

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