Whacks a Fraud Syndicate and Generates a 20:1 ROI

CompTIA is an IT trade association that nurtures rising professionals by giving college students steep discounts on its training programs. The organization required only an .edu email address to redeem the discount—until it realized a syndicate was stealing its profits by using fake email addresses to purchase and resell the training vouchers.

CompTIA fought back by requiring students to be digitally verified. This shut down the syndicate’s scam and prevented graduates who keep their .edu email address from exploiting the discount. It also enabled CompTIA to reach millions of students who never receive an .edu address. The result: 20% less fraud and a whopping 20:1 ROI.

Pro Tip

You can reach more students and prevent fraud by not using an .edu address to verify eligibility for your student offer.

CompTIA gives college students steep discounts on their training programs.

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  • Save up to 50% on CompTIA products
  • Join your local student chapter
  • Earn national awards and scholarships
  • Access tech research, career insight, and advice

SheerID doesn’t just save us money; it helps protect our academic program while letting as many students as possible take advantage of it.

Randy Gross Chief Information Officer

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