Comcast Dazzles Students by Partnering with Amazon Music

Gen Z’s love of streaming media makes them a key consumer tribe for Comcast, so the company joined forces with Amazon Music to create a student offer that was too attractive to pass up: fast internet, Comcast’s great content, six months of Amazon Music Unlimited free, and a $150 Visa prepaid card.

Protecting the offer with digital verification gave Comcast the confidence to have Riddle & Bloom create a big campaign that included on-campus events hosted by a fleet of student ambassadors. The campaign became the top-performing gated program in Comcast history by bringing in loads of new students who will generate even more revenue when they fall in love with Comcast and pay full price after they graduate.

Student Offer $150 Visa Prepaid Card

First Step: Confirm you're an off-campus college student.

Last Step: Choose your offer!

“SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform ensured we could reach the right audience and deliver offers that Gen Z found appealing. We could never have launched such an ambitious campaign and seen such incredible results without SheerID’s verification assurance.”

Cheri Davies Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing


Comcast knew Gen Z was a high-value consumer community for its Xfinity brand, but its general offers weren’t winning them over. The company wanted to provide them with an exclusive offer, but was concerned about discount abuse if non-students redeemed it. To meet this challenge, Comcast partnered with Amazon Music to create a compelling offer and protected it with SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform. The result was a top-selling program that generated unprecedented year-over-year growth for Xfinity Student.

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Leverage strategic partnerships to create an unbeatable offer.




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