Canva Is Creating a Powerful Community of Educators—and Future Customers

Canva is on a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. And the team behind the graphic design platform recognizes that supporting educators is a powerful way to reach the next generation of designers. When the pandemic made schools shift to remote learning, Canva offered a specially branded Pro edition of their software to all teachers and students—for free. In addition to the regular premium features, Canva for Education provides a dedicated classroom space to invite students and teachers to share, review, and manage work.

Canva is also equipping teachers with a wide range of templates and training videos to help them deliver high-quality education from home. And the company created a Facebook community exclusively for teachers to share tips and build deeper connections with other Canva loyalists. Teachers who use these resources to make learning more engaging are introducing Canva to their students—who will grow up, graduate, and be ready to become Canva customers themselves. All the while, Canva furthers their mission of being a force for good in the world. That’s a lesson worth learning.

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to creative learning tools and templates for educators

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Set up your classroom space, invite students, and manage lessons, activities, or projects, all in one place.

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