Sweeps Europe with an Offer Students Can’t Refuse

Back Market is a Paris-based, global company that sells refurbished electronics and is committed to reducing e-waste—a mission that resonates with Gen Zers. To engage them, Back Market launched a student discount through Student Beans, then realized that in order to continue marketing to the students it needed customer data that Student Beans couldn't share.

Back Market decided to partner with SheerID for student verification, and relaunched the program with an omnichannel campaign that included a dedicated landing page and influencer campaigns on YouTube and Instagram. The new program saw a 33% increase in conversions, verified 18,000 students, and gave Back Market zero-party data it could use to nurture their loyalty.

The Offer

Back Market Success

Back Market provides high-quality, refurbished electronics and helps reduce e-waste—a mission that resonates with Gen Z. The company initially tried to engage this group with a special discount through Student Beans, but soon realized the program wouldn’t give Back Market the data it needed to nurture true loyalty. Back Market switched to SheerID and launched a comprehensive, omnichannel campaign to college students in the US and across Europe. In just two months, the new program verified 18,000 students, increased the number of verified students who used the discount by 50%, and gave Back Market student data it could use to boost its customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Back Market's Reboot Delivers Results

Partnering with SheerID has enabled us to bring students directly into our brand and is giving us the data we need to grow their lifetime value.

Pauline Deschamps | Content Manager

The Product

The Social Story

Pro Tips

Social media influencer campaigns that have quirky messaging and fun personalities are a great way to capture the attention of Gen Z.

Back Market Social Media Success

When you digitally verify customers for your offer, make sure you own the data they provide and use it to re-engage them.




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